Rides in Jan and Feb

We've published our programme of rides for January and February. We had plenty of sunshine over Christmas but for the new year we are planning our normal mix of shorter rides in anticipation of more typical weather during the depth of winter.

We've made an important change to our "city start" rides on Thursdays. These will continue to depart from Brookside but the start time will change to 9.15am to give more time to reach the coffee stop without having to rush. Our "village start" rides will continue to start at 9.30am.

Our Sunday all-day rides continue with their winter format, heading home after lunch and aiming to get back just before dark. Our Sunday afternoon rides will take place on alternate weekends in January and then return to our normal weekly pattern from February. We still need a few more leaders for our Sunday rides: please contact Rupert if you can volunteer to lead a ride.

Our seniors' rides have now restarted and will continue every Tuesday, whilst our Wednesday evening rides continue once a month on the night closest to full moon. Lastly, our Saturday morning social rides are taking a short winter break, but will restart in the spring.

Riding guidelines

Rupert writes: We have recently published a set of riding guidelines. These have been specially written for use on our club rides. They give an introduction to the main elements of good group riding, and they are intended to replace some of the older information on the website.

We'd like to invite everyone who rides with us to take a look at these riding guidelines to refresh your understanding of how best to ride in group. Most of you will know the basics, but there are probably a few tips for everyone. Small improvements by everyone should help our groups - and especially the larger groups - ride more safely without spoiling the social interaction that makes our rides so enjoyable.

If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to contact me or any member of the main committee. Contact details are on our contacts page. Rupert Goodings, Runs Secretary

Latest ride reports

16 Feb: Thursday ride to Newport and Clavering Lakes
Edward writes: A touch of spring was in the air for this Thursday's ride to Newport and Clavering Lakes and this was very much welcome bearing in mind the very low temperatures we’ve had recently. In fact the sun was out, blue skies and an expected afternoon temperature in the region of 13-14C...  (full report)

12 Feb: Sunday ride to Ickleton and Wimbish
Nigel writes: The weather today was similar to last Sunday: dull and damp all day. When I arrived at Brookside for the start of today's ride I found seven other riders waiting: Rupert, Alex, Eva, Tom, John R, Nick W and John Seton, our leader for today...  (full report)

9 Feb: Thursday ride to Cottenham and Brampton
Edward writes: Although it was very cold in Haslingfield, it was a cold with a really raw feeling about it, but there hadn’t been an overnight frost which relieved us of the concern of icy roads. There...  (full report)

8 Feb: Evening ride to Lode
Nigel writes: My companions this evening, for what will probably be our coldest evening ride this winter, were John S, Gareth and Alex. The temperature was about 1C at the start and dropped slightly as...  (full report)

5 Feb: Sunday afternoon ride to Waresley
Simon writes: Today was my first experience of trialling the prototype rider registration forms. An insurance requisite we're told. Waiting for me at Brookside or arriving soon after were John E, Phil...  (full report)

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