Sunday 14th August: approaching the tea stop in Westmill, Herts

Latest ride reports

21 Aug: Sunday afternoon ride to Wicken
John F writes: Six riders (of four nationalities) assembled at Brookside for the 2p departure of today's afternoon ride to Wicken Village Hall. This is one of three places in Wicken which take it in turns to serve Summer Sunday afternoon teas offering excellent value-for-money...  (full report)

21 Aug: Sunday ride to Barrow and Hawstead
Nigel writes: During the course of a year CTC Cambridge organises rides in all directions from Cambridge: north, east, south, north, and most directions in between. However in my experience of riding with...  (full report)

18 Aug: Thursday ride to Reed and Green Tye
Edward writes: This morning we met at Haslingfield Green under cloudy skies, little wind, but already very warm giving the impression that this would be a day of high humidity.In the event thirteen riders assembled...  (full report)

17 Aug: Evening ride to Barrington
Nigel writes: Tonight was fine, sunny and very warm, with just the lightest of southerly winds: another beautiful summer evening for a short bike ride through the south Cambridgeshire countryside. It's harvest...  (full report)

14 Aug: Sunday afternoon ride to Westmill
Simon writes: I only had two riders with me, David (who cycled from St Neots to meet us) and Ray's work colleague Dimitris, both of whom are super fit and ride bikes that make mine look like a penny farthing...  (full report)

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