Rides in May and June

Rupert writes: We're pleased to announce our May and June rides lists. With longer days we can start to enjoy some longer rides.

Our Sunday day rides continue with a mix of full-day and light day rides on alternate weekends. But pay attention to the ride details - some of the full day rides are marked as "longer rides", indicating a longer ride than usual.

The Sunday afternoon rides also have some longer rides over the summer. But we have made a small change this year: we will have a regular 1.30pm afternoon start time and instead we will vary the time we stop for tea by 30 mins for the more distant stops to have enough time for an enjoyable ride.

Don't forget that we have some extra rides over the summer. Our Wednesday evening rides are now a weekly event and there are also some car-assisted rides on Tuesdays. Why not try one of these rides for a change?

Lastly, a reminder to you all to please volunteer to lead a ride or two so that all our rides have a leader. Thank you to everyone who has already put their name down. Rupert Goodings, Runs Secretary.

Latest ride reports

24 May: Evening ride to Hemingford Abbots
Nigel writes: Evening rides this spring have been rather poorly-attended in comparison with earlier years, but I think I now know what everyone had been waiting for: some nice weather. Tonight was effectively the first evening ride of the summer, with fine, sunny weather and very warm temperatures...  (full report)

14/15 April: Easter Arrow to York
Alex writes: The Easter Arrows to York are team events organized by Audax UK. The rules as written are complicated, but the upshot is that teams from all over the UK, each of up to five riders, converge on York over the Easter weekend, each aiming to ride around 400 km within a 24 hour time limit...  (full report)

21 May: Sunday ride to Hare Street and Thaxted
Nigel writes: There was a feel of early summer today, with warm sunshine for the whole of the day. Warm enough for me to set off to Brookside with exposed arms and knees for the first time this year. And about time too, given that we're in the second half of May...  (full report)

18 May: Thursday ride to Newmarket and West Stow
Edward writes: When we met in Hauxton the weather was set fair for us. After yesterday's very welcome deluge, today we enjoyed very calm conditions and there being almost no wind made for almost ideal riding conditions...  (full report)

14 May: Sunday afternoon ride to Wicken
David S writes: After a difficult week for me ("Two funerals and a ...") I woke up on a boat on the River Orwell on Sunday morning to rain showers and a looming problem about getting back in time to lead...  (full report)

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