Justice for Michael Mason

Last December CTC Cambridge made a £200 donation to the Cycling Defence Fund's Justice for Michael Mason appeal: read our blog post for more information. This appeal has so far received £64,570 in donations and a private prosecution has now begun. The latest news is given in this BBC news report and this Daily Telegraph article

Rides in September and October

We've now published our rides lists for September and October. We're still looking for leaders for many of these rides, especially on Thursdays and Sundays: please check the lists and contact Rupert if you're able to lead a ride.

These new rides lists see our rides get slightly shorter as we adjust to the shortening days of autumn.

We still have an interesting mix on Sundays, with longer "full-day" rides alternating with shorter "light day" until the clocks change. Our Sunday afternoon rides continue each week, offering a last chance to enjoy those popular church hall teas.

Our Tuesday and Thursday rides continue every week as usual, whilst our Wednesday evening rides continue to be weekly during September before changing to monthly from October. On Saturdays our "Saturday social" rides rides will take place on the 2nd and 4th weekend in October (a week later than the usual pattern).

Notice of AGM

The Annual General Meeting of CTC Cambridge will be held at 3pm on Sunday 16 October at Hauxton Village Hall. The agenda is here. Please bring your CTC membership card with you if you intend voting on agenda items.

The AGM will be followed by a club tea during which there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the new committee and socialise with other members. Both our rides that day will arrive at Hauxton at time for the start of the AGM.

Latest ride reports

22 Sep: Thursday ride to Newport and Great Saling
Edward writes: This Thursday, with the official arrival of autumn the day before, the weather started to feel like the actual season it's supposed to be in. Today's temperature was in the late teens against last week when it was near to thirty degrees centigrade...  (full report)

21 Sep: Evening ride to Shepreth
Nigel writes: After last week's heatwave there was a definite autumnal feel in the air this evening, with sunset taking place only half an hour after the start of tonight's ride, and a definite cool feel in the air as the evening progressed...  (full report)

18 Sep: Sunday ride to Thaxted and Buntingford
Alex writes: After the sequence of scorching sun, heavy rain and strong winds last week, it was a relief to set out this morning into more benign cycling weather: cool, still and overcast. At Brookside...  (full report)

18 Sep: Sunday afternoon ride to Ashwell
Simon writes: Given the volume of rain that landed on Cambridgeshire between Thursday's ride and this weekend's rides I think we’ve been very lucky... or in Alex's immortal words, "fair weather was ordered for the day"...  (full report)

15 Sep: Thursday ride to Gamlimgay and Old Warden
Edward writes: After some extremely hot and uncomfortable days a slight respite was predicted with temperatures only reaching a mere 28C. However, as we gathered at Haslingfield Green it was under a heavy mist which gave us cooler and more comfortable riding weather...  (full report)

For older ride reports visit our blog pages